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April 30, 2013
Dear Gene and Linda, We appreciate your opening Pinecrest to visitors and for free.  Our senior church group of 11 primetimers thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the gardens and God's creation yesterday the 29th.  Can't imagine the work it takes to keep it so lovely.  Wish we lived closer and could see the different stages of growth and flowers. Thank you!!!  Dave and Luetta Fox, First Church of God, Poplar Bluff, MO.

Thank you for the pleasure one gets from a trip to your gardens and the peace one receives in looking at one of God's handiwork.  I was with 12 others on Friday, April 16, we were celebrating my 84th birthday.  I will long remember the beauty of the azaleas and dogwood trees.  Thanks so much that you allow us the privilege of a tour through your gardens.  May God bless you and your family; and may the gardens continue to bring happiness to all that see it.  Thank you, Thelma Maynard,  Ste. Genevieve, MO.

We did FINALLY get to come drive around, walk around and take pictures!
We came on Sat the 4th--as you know--your place is BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you so much for sharing with others!
May the Lord continue to bless you and yours!  Carla

First of all I would like to thank you for sharing the beauty of your azalea farm.  I haven't seen anything so beautiful in a long time and I can't imagine the work it takes to maintain.  It was a beautiful way to continue the day after church... to admire God's beauty.  Diane

Thank you for the beautiful gardens you have made available to the people of our area and the opportunity to meet with Mr. Penzel this weekend.  Yours is a wonderful family and a treasure for southeast Missouri.  Briney

I would like to write about your gardens.

I have three questions:
1. How many people see this fabulous garden every year? (best guess.)
2. What is you best advice for the home gardener who want to grow azaleas?
3. What's next? What are you future plans for the gardens?

May I have permission to use some of the photos, or do you have others that you would prefer I use?

The Examiner:


Recently had the pleasure of touring your garden. It was well worth the trip from Savannah, Mo. We thank you for sharing your beautiful garden with us.  Judy & Karen

Just want to thank you for having a map and accompanying description of the "Scenic Drive" on your Web site.  I work with Dr. Frank Nickell and neither one of us is trained to create Web sites.  My goal, prior to next year's "Scenic Drive", is to make sure to get the current map and legend on a Web page.  I also want to thank whomever posted the link to your Web site's map on  Mary

We appreciate you showing us your beautiful gardens and the joy it brings to each one as they see it. 

God bless you and your family.

In Christian love,

The Joy Group, Windsor Baptist Church, Arnold, Mo

The senior from the First Freewill Baptist Church of DeSoto visited on April 27th as planned.  There was fourteen of us.   Everyone enjoyed it so we had some first timers this time and they were more than impressed with what you have there.  Some that had been there before thought the flowers were even prettier than in the past. Thanks again for being so gracious in letting us come and enjoy the beautiful garden. 

Vivian for all of the Seniors at First Freewill Baptist Church DeSoto, Missouri

Dear Folks,

This is a bit late in coming but I wanted to thank you for having me and my friends out to your place to enjoy a walk through your beautiful gardens.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.

A couple of people told me that the May 8th storm of devastating wind played havoc to your trees and gardens,  I was so sorry to hear this.

I hope you'll be able to open the gardens again sometime. 

Thank you so much for giving other people so much pleasure.


Just want to thank you for a enjoyable day looking at the beautiful flowers on your farm. My daughter and I enjoyed it very much and looking forward to coming again next year, Lord willing when the Easter flowers are in bloom.  That has to be something to see so many at one time.  It was so nice to talking to you and getting such good answers.

Mary Green

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